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Adegas das Canadas

Adegas das Canadas are a set of three typical houses: Adega Pedra do LagarAdega Velha and Casa da Vigia.

Are located in Calheta de Nesquim the Parish 18 km from the village of Lajes do Pico.

The Adega Velha and the Adega Pedra do Lagar are in place of the Canadas, an area of ​​vineyards protected by lava stone corrals featuring a significant part of the island's landscape and that earned him the World Heritage classification.

The little houses in this area are mainly wine cellars where the delicious wines, Madeira and Smell, are hand made with the sugary and tasty grapes harvested, by means of the old process of our ancestors. These nice houses (wine cellars) are also used as summer houses. The Pedra do Lagar and Adega Velha were in the very recent past, for wineries handmade wine. It was rebuilt for summer houses keeping the original architecture.

The Casa da Vigia is an area where you can enjoy a wide view over the ocean. This site was used as a lookout in the early days of whale hunting in the parish. The house has high sentimental value because it came from family heritage and, before being rebuilt, was housing old whalers.

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