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Festivities | Pico Island

Festivities | Pico Island

WHALERS WEEK (Semana dos Baleeiros)

Event related to whaling that for many years was one of the main economic activities of the Azores. This festival is a tribute to Pico's whalemen and to the Lady of Lourdes, patroness of the whalers.
Location: Lajes
Dates: Aug. 25-31 (2014)

FEAST OF THE HOLY SPIRIT (Festa do Divino Espírito Santo)

All nine islands celebrate this festival, though there are differences from island to island, and even between nearby villages. Parishes on each island have chapels called "impérios" run by various brotherhoods. These festivals are considered some of the most characteristic of island culture.
Location: Throughout the islands
Dates: From May to September, with special emphasis on the seventh Sunday after Easter

FEAST OF SAINT MARIA MAGDALENA (Festa de Santa Maria Madalena)

A festival to honor the patron saint of the municipality. It includes concerts, athletic and cultural activities.
Location: Madalena
Dates: July 18-22 (2014)

AUGUSTO PIER (Cais Agosto)

From the last weekend of July, music groups visit from the mainland. Daytime events include sports, craft exhibitions and cultural activities.
Location: São Roque
Dates: July 24-27 (2014)


This is a religious feast of great importance, especially in the central group of the archipelago. It is held in São Mateus on Pico. For three days, thousands of people from all over the islands and elsewhere come to venerate the image of Jesus.
Location : São Mateus.
Date: Aug. 6

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