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Forest Parks

Forest Parks

Prainha do Norte Forest Park

Located in the parish of São Roque, offers large, wooded areas mainly composed by maritime pines, myricas and sweet pittosporum.

There also is a botanical area where you can see endemic Azorean flora. Visit an example of a traditional Pico house and cellar, which contains valuable and significant objects connected to traditional Azores life.

The park also offers other opportunities for leisure and recreation, including an amusement park, camping spots and an athletics field. 

Santa Luzia Forest Park

Situated in the parish of Santa Luzia, São Roque municipality. The flora consists of typical laurissilva forests, with the maritime pine (pinus pinaster), morella faya (Myrica faya) and incense (pittosporum undulatum).

São João Pequenino Forest Park

Located in the parish of St. John, Lajes do Pico, occupies an area of 212 ha, lying at an altitude of 100m.

The Mystery of St. John intends to establish itself as a center for forestry dissemination, through its multimedia kiosk, the bird observatory and thematic visits; and the promotion of sports and physical exercise (has various equipment and fitness circuits) in full interaction with nature.

Matos Souto Forest Park 

Known as "Centre for Agricultural Training Matos Souto", located  in the parish of Piedade, municipality of Lajes do Pico.

It is subdivided into gardens, nurseries for new plantations, agricultural crop and pasture land. Also has a formative role demonstrating and teaching the agricultural tradition of Pico Island over the centuries.

It is possible to observe a large variety exogenous trees and shrubs, sharing the habitat with endemic species, typical of the laurissilva forests.

Quinta das Rosas Forest Park 

Located in Madalena, has an area of 3 ha, at an altitude of about 150 m.

Recreational Forest Reserve of Quinta das Rosas gets a lot of demand for trips, sightseeing or simple walk, having about 250 forest and ornamental species, some of particular rarity.

Has a Center for Studies and Forestry Dissemination, equipped with an auditorium and an exhibition room, promoting and sensitizing the community to the importance of forests.

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