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Swimming with Dolphins

Swimming with Dolphins

Take a moment, relax, close your eyes, and dream away. Dive into the deep blue, far away from the human world. Open your eyes and find yourself in the blue kingdom of the dolphins.

The ocean is not a human medium, but you will feel free and at peace when you are surrounded by dolphins in the deep and endless blue. There you can hear their whistles and calls and feel their sonar resonating through your body. Swimming with wild dolphins or simply watching them in their own environment and observing them while feeding, mating, playing or bow riding in front of the boat is a truly magical experience. We can make this dream come true for you.

Join us for an intimate swim with wild dolphins in their natural environment.

Accompanied by experienced guides and lead by the “vigia”, the land-based outlook, you will venture into the open waters on a 3 hour lasting trip to the area where the dolphins are spotted. Once the dolphins are find, the skipper and guide assess the dolphins’ behaviour to determine if you can swim with that particular group. If their behaviour and the sea conditions allow for getting into the water, you will swim with the dolphins, 2 persons at a time. Everyone will have a chance to enter the water 2-3 times.

The guides will brief you clearly on how to behave in the water to minimize impact on the dolphin’s behaviour and to have the most successful encounter. Always remember, you enter the world of the dolphins. Therefore it’s up to them if they want to interact with you or not. The guides will always assess and respect their behaviour. Specifically if newborn calves are around, they will be extra careful not to disturb the animals.

This may sometimes result in observing the dolphins from the boat without being able to enter the water to join them.

In the Azores it is allowed to swim with 5 different species of dolphin: Bottlenose dolphins, Common dolphins, Striped dolphins, Atlantic spotted dolphins, Risso’s dolphins.

Since you are swimming with wild dolphins in open water conditions, confidence and fitness is required. Take into account that initially you may feel slightly uncomfortable to be surrounded by the endless deep blue. You need to be able to swim well and it is an advantage to have had previous snorkelling experience. 

If you do not have your own gear mask and snorkel, fins and a neoprene shorty wetsuit, can be suplied.


From 85€/pax

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